Battery Acid Cleaning Wipes

Neutralizes battery acids without harming your hands.
These gentle but effective wipes will clean corrosion and other contaminants from battery terminals. The unique color indicator formula will turn from blue to pink in presence of acid, then turn back to blue once the acid is neutralized. The neutralizing fluid on the wipes does not cause foaming action, and leaves a clean, protective barrier on the terminals and contact areas.
Car battery• Alkaline battery• Rechargeable battery• Lithium battery
Effective against
Corrosion• Mineral deposits• Oxidation• Crusty build-up
Features and Benefits
Instantly neutralizes battery acid
Quickly goes to work to remove the corrosion and oxidation from the battery posts
Convenient and easy to use

Appearance     White Cloth
Fragrance None
Count per canister  30
Size of wipe     7” X 8””
Flash pointNone (Liquid)
pH              >12.0 (Liquid)
Stability    1 year
VOC content <1.0% by wt. (Liquid)Directions Complete directions on product label.

Wipe the surface of the battery post, removing deposits. The blue wipe will turn pink in the presence of the acidic corrosion. Continue scrubbing the area until the wipe turns back to its original blue color. This will indicate that the corrosion has been neutralized.

Active Ingredients
PotassiumCarbonate.     .........584-08-7

Caution: May irritate eyes and skin. Keep out of the reach of children.

DOT Shipping (ground transportation)
Proper Shipping Name:None
ID Number:None
Package Group:None
30-count canister