When you've got a tough cleaning job, what's the first thing you think to reach for? A rag, soap and water? Those days are gone forever. Now you get them all in one convenient and effective product. Turbo Towels utilize a waterless cleaner that cuts through tar, grease, wax, ink, paint, lubricants and adhesives. Unlike other products, Turbo Towels is versatile enough to loosen and dissolve even the toughest grime off everything from stainless steel tools to wiping up oily spills.
These non-scratching, citrus scented towels are industrial strength but also gentle - fortified with an emollient and natural oils so they won't crack or dry hands. It's the perfect product when you don't have access to soap and water. And it doesn't leave an annoying residue.

Here are just some of the many uses of Turbo Towels:

Maintenance   Plumbing         Marine
Construction        Transportation       Recreation
Automotive     Printing Industrial
Painting   Manufacturing

                              Effective Against
Tar -Paint-Grease -Lubricant-Wax -Adhesives- Ink

No matter what your use, you'll find Turbo Towels the perfect solution. You'll soon see that they'll replace shop towels, dry wipes, paper towels and rags.

An easy-to-use dispensing canister allows for convenient access and storage. All you have to do is remove the lid. Pull a towel from center of the roll and thread through X on underside of the lid. Close up the lid. Then just pull the towel at 90° angle.
You'll find Turbo Towels is a cost effective alternative to traditional cleaning supplies.

Scrub greasy surfaces with abrasive side of towel until the grease is loosened, then use the smooth side to wipe surfaces clean. Discard used towel.

May cause skin irritation. Keep out of the reach of children.

Appearance                               ...................... Purple
Size of towel                                ..................... 9.5”X12”
Fragrance                                 ........................ Citrus
Specific gravity (liquid)                               ..... 0.999
Flash point                                ....................... >200 º F
VOC Content (% by wt)                               .... 1.0-5.0%