Waterless Petroleum Stain Remover

Consumes Petroleum Stains
Environmentally Friendly – No Contaminated Water Run-Off
Economical – Costs Less than Pressure Washing
Quick Application – Minimal Downtime
Penetrates into Concrete Pores

ReKRETE concrete cleaner is a dry powder developed to consume petroleum stains without water or liquid cleaners/degreasers. Waterless before, during and after the cleaning process.

ReKRETE Works Because it Penetrates Deep into Concrete Pores

With a specific gravity of 3.5 (compared to 1.0 for most liquid cleaners), ReKRETE is able to penetrate deep into the concrete pores where petroleum-based stains are trapped.

ReKRETE then breaks down the hydrocarbon chain of the petroleum stain.
Once the chain is broken, ReKRETE decomposes and dissolves the hydrocarbons with bio-organic compounds that actually consume the stain.

Vehicles Drip Oil on Your Concrete Surface
Residual oil remains trapped in the pores of concrete
The Appearance of Oil Stains Projects an Unclean Image
Brown stains are still left behind after the cleaning process
Pressure Washing and Liquid Cleaners Only Clean the Surface
Removing petroleum stains from these irregular surfaces is tough

Pressure Washing and Liquids Add to Contaminated Water
Wastewater run-off may damage the environment. Many local governments require the capture of waste water from power washing

Independent Research Studies on ReKRETE made by Polytechnic University’s Department of Applied Biology and Chemical Technology results:
Environmentally Friendly ReKRETE does not cause harm to the natural environment
Effectiveness                    ReKRETE is effective in removing hydrocarbon petroleum matters
Impact on Human Health ReKRETE does not pose a threat to human health
Impact on Aquatic Life & Insects  Aquatic life and insects remained unharmed after the application of

Different from Conventional Degreasers ReKRETE is a great contrast to the conventional chemical degreasers
ReKRETE was awarded the Green Label Award. .
The Award distinguishes products that are more environmentally friendly than other products in the same industry.